🪵Branch Room

When you warp to the Branch Room you have the option to enter Public or Private Branch Room.

Public Branch Room

Public room is free to use.

Private Branch Room

The cost of renting a room for 50 min is 10,000,000z.

Both of the rooms have Branch Merchant NPC in the middle of the room where you can buy:

Item NamePriceNotable Information

1,000,000z → 760,000z

Thanatos, Fallen Bishop, Valkyrie Randgris, Ifrit and Berzebub - do not drop a card!

All other MVPs from Bloody Branch drop a card with a 0.25% drop rate.

100,000z → 76,000z

Use this to summon random monster. Full list of monsters: here.

50,000z → 38,000z

Using it summons 1 random Poring type monster. You can summon Angeling, Deviling, Arch Angeling and Ghostring from this box.

Available Bloody Branch MVPs:

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