🚸Available Commands

Helpful Custom Commands you can use in-game:

In Oldschool RO, we strive to enhance your gaming experience with a variety of custom commands. These commands are designed to provide convenience, fun, and additional features to enrich your time in Rune Midgard. Below, you'll find a list of available custom commands you can use in-game.

General Commands:

  • @commands: Displays all available commands.

  • @autoloot: Automatically picks up dropped items.

  • @alootid: Enables looting of specific items.

  • @autoloottype: Enables looting of a specif type of items. (eg. card, usable etc.)

  • @whodrops [item name]: Shows which monsters drop a specific item.

  • @whereis [monster name]: Locates a monster's available map.

  • @mi [mob name/ID]: Displays monster information.

  • @go #: Instantly teleports you to a specified town.

  • @autotrade: Sets up a shop to automatically sell items while being offline.

  • @refresh: Refresh your screens.

  • @iteminfo: Shows item information (type, price, etc.)

  • @request: Send a message to all online GM/staff.

  • @time: Displays the current server time.

  • @noask: Toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites.

  • @noks: Enable/disables kill stealing protection.

Account Management Commands:

  • @resetchar: Modifies your character's appearance and position.

  • @security: Enable/disables your account from doing any transaction.

  • @settings: Configure your automated commands every logged in.

Custom Commands:

  • @daily: Displays attendance windows.

  • @npc: Warps you to selected NPC location.

  • @spb: Shows party buffs from party windows.

Client Commands:

  • @lgp: Toggles lite graphic plugin.

  • @aoes: Toggles cells to indicate the range of an AoE skill.

  • @circle: Toggles a colored circle around your character to determine casting range.

  • @square: Toggles a colored square around your character to determine cell amounts.


  • Use the "@" symbol before each command.

  • Commands are case-insensitive.

  • For more detailed information on each command, use "@help [command name]".

Helpful In-Game Slash Commands:

  • /noctrl or /nc — Allows attacking monsters continuously with only one left-click.

  • /noshift or /ns — Allows targeting monsters or other players in PvP arenas with support skills without having to press the Shift key.

  • /invite [Player Name] — Invite a player to your party.

  • /where — Shows the map name and coordinate you are at.

  • /quake — Enables or disables screen shaking effects.

  • /effect — Turn on/off animation effects from all skills.

  • /mineffect — Turn on/off minimal effects from all skills.

  • /savechat — Saves the chat.

  • /exall and /inall — Block and unblock all private messages.

  • /emblem — Toggles the display of guild emblem.

  • /w or /who — Shows total players online connected to the server.

  • /notrade — Declines trade offers automatically.

  • /showname — Change the name font type.

  • /fog — Toggles fog effect.

  • /lightmap — Toggles lightmap effect.

  • /sound — Turn sound effect On/Off.

  • /guild "Guild Name" — Creates a guild. Must have Emperium in your inventory.

  • /organize [Party Name] — Create a party. Required Job level 7 to organize a party.

For more helpful Slash Commands, simply type /h in-game.

Please note that some commands may require specific permissions or have level restrictions. For more details or assistance, feel free to reach out to our helpful Staff in-game or through our Discord channel. Happy adventuring!

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