🧗Mission Board

Every player may pick up to 4 missions from the Mission Board. Missions that end with "Slayer" are kill count missions and those that end with "Collector" are item gathering missions.

When accepting a mission, you need to be within the assigned level range when you ACCEPT and SUBMIT it!

You may use the @mission command to check your mission progress.

Green missions are within your level range and can be accepted. Red missions can not be accepted, the reasonds can be: you're not within the level range or the daily cool-down delay hasnt passed yet.

Available missions:

Slay different kinds of Porings!

Kill some Sasquatch at Christmas Field!

Collect the required loots and deliver!

Complete the quest in 5 minutes!

Hunt and deliver the requirements and get rewarded!

Slay some MVP monsters in Alpha MVP Arena.

Slay some MVP monsters in Beta MVP Arena.

Slay some MVP monsters in Theta MVP Arena.

Slay some MVP monsters in Epsilon MVP Arena.

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