🔨Slot Enchantment

The NPCs Seiyablem and Leablem allow a player to attempt to add one to four slots to a piece of equipment. Each attempt requires one item, some ores, and zeny. If the attempts are unsuccessful, items, zeny, and ores are lost. Here's the LINK for the official slot enchantment or socket enchantment. However, on our server, we have added custom weapons that can be enchanted using custom requirements.

Custom Weapon Success Rate:

These are the chances of success. S-grade items are the most difficult to upgrade, and SS-grade items are the customized weapons added to our server.

  • C-Rank: 25%

  • B-Rank: 20%

  • A-Rank: 15%

  • S-Rank: 10%

  • SS-Rank Success Rate:

    • 20% for Quest Weapons

    • 20% for Donate Weapons

Requirement for Custom Weapons:

Item NameDescription

An enchanted scroll that used for adding a slot on custom weapons. This item can be obtained at Monster Arena.

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