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Fixed LUK Pendant I
Fixed AGI Statue I
Fixed Shadow Garb Description
Disable FCP Scrolls in GVG maps
Added 1 second delay on food buffs
Added 0.25 delay on Red Slim Potion
Added 0.5 delay on Yellow Slim Potion
Added 0.75 delay on White Slim Potion
Remove healing effect on some foods
Added Bonus Point to Ticket Exchange


Added 2 New BTS Quest Items ( @quest )
 • Shadow Garb
 • Shadow Boots
Added Tier 1 Vote Accessory Quest ( @quest left side )
 • STR Necklace I
 • AGI Statue I
 • VIT Ring I
 • INT Earrings I
 • DEX Brooch I
 • LUK Pendant I
Deposit System Update
 • Added Ghostring Card
 • Added Deviling Card
 • Added Golden Thiefbug Card
 • Added Tao Gunka Card
 • Added Shadow Garb
 • Added Shadow Boots


Fixed BG required level
Fixed Castle drop exchanger
Added @battleinfo command
Added headgears in WoE Point Shop
Added headgears in KoE Point Shop
Updated Icarus Axe
 • Gives INT + 1 per refine if weapon refine +7 or higher
Added Options in Costume Maker NPC ( @npc costumemaker )
Fixed Izlude warp portals and NPCs
Added @woetime, @koetime, @bgtime command


Fixed goldroom warpout coor
Added Battlegrounds (BETA)
 • Sunday and Monday
   - 1:00PM to 2:00PM
 • Tuesday and Wednesday
   - 10:00PM to 11:00PM
 • Saturday
   - 12:00AM to 1:00AM
 • NPC Location: @navi prontera 206 130


Moved some prontera NPC(s)
Patched small prontera changes
Patched new izlude theme for upcoming update
Fixed prt_maze theme
Fixed Stop the Clock cell bug
Added @gonpc 45 ( Compensation/Gift Code NPC )
Reduced number of fake golden sands by half


Updated Collector's Handbook ( @gonpc 40 )
Patched item and card description for the collector's handbook
- We now have a total of 28 card deposits.
- We now have a total of 6 equipment deposits.
- We now have a total of 2 costume deposits.


Added an attempt to fix the LHZ MVP bug
Added an attempt to fix the Endless Tower floor 100 bug
Adjusted Emperium HP from 7.5M to 6M
Adjusted Barricade HP from 9M to 4.5M
Weekend EXP Event has ended
Fixed skill/stat loadout bug
 - This will reset your skill and stats on your next character login if
   you used the loadout feature before
250 EXP event - extended until 5:00PM today

Official King of Emerium
 - All timer ends randomly at 55-60 minutes
 - Added Flag Owner & Longest Defender Rewards
 - Added KoE Participation Timer
 • Monday: 9:00PM - 10:00PM GMT + 8
 • Friday: 9:00PM - 10:00PM GMT + 8
 • Saturday: 1:00PM - 2:00PM GMT + 8


Fixed AA Auto Teleport on Minimum HP
Added Robot Ears in Quest Shop NPC
Fixed Job Costume Preview Bug
Added New Donation Items
Added New Bonus Point Items
Endless Tower Update
- ET Fixed MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.35%
- Naght Sieger on Endless Tower now drops a Card
- Entweihen Crothen on Endless Tower now drops a Card
- Endless Tower Cooldown: 2 days ( per device )
Lighthalzen MVP now drops a Card
Added Weapon Vending Machine NPc ( @npc gacha )
Added Gacha Coins Reward in all automated events
Added Refine Bonus on Valkyrie Helm
Disabled Flying Sidekick in Skill Plagiarism


Fixed Talisman Bug
- Shouldn't be able to use on other class
Disabled usage of command in thana_step


Disabled auto attack on PVP maps
Implementation of WoE Castles for Trial WoE on Sunday
- Time Changed to 9:00PM - 11:00PM GMt + 8
- Available Castle: Khali and Taklamakan (Morocc Castles)
- Available Warp Command: @woe


Fixed Asura damage bug on PVP maps
Added attempt fix to prevent autoattack from being dispelled
Added Fake Golden Sands in the Gold Room
Added fix on Gold Ore not being able to autoloot inside Gold Room


Fixed PVP damage calculator not being able to trigger on PVP maps
 • This fix will reduce overall damage (magic, longrange and melee) on PVP maps
Increase Broadcasting Fee
Added Claw Machine at @gonpc 43
 • Talk to NPC for information
Disabled Box of Sunlight in GVG maps
Reduced effect duration of Box of Sunlight
Updated Donation - Misc Shop


Added per device check on Hourly Reward
Added per device check on Auto Attack feature
Disabled Bot Check trigger on Auto Attack enabled characters
Dispel now work on songs when the target is not in the song area
Adjusted VIT to completely ignore stun status: Need 130
Mission Board Update:
- The Daily Lootbucks
 • Activity Pts: 2
 • Zeny Reward: 1,000,000
- The Speed Limit
 • Time Limit: 9 minutes
Disabled Play Dead on Thor, Ice and Abyss Dungeons
Increased Golden Sand HP
Sleipnir now gives +3 INT
Removed Jeweler Shops
Monster Arena Cooldown is now 300 minutes
Trial King of Emperium - Sunday, March 3 at 9:00PM

AndRO Version 476
- Fixed characters displaying as novices
- Implemented Intravision
- Fixed not updating item information for multiple iteminfo
- Now changing monster name color depending on lvl difference


Reduced weight of Bullets
Fixed Sleipnir's Description
Increased time of Bloody Branch mobs from 10 to 15 minutes
@request update - added FAQs auto response
Added 4 New Bonus Point Headgears
Added Banryu, Purple Saber and Dark Saber on Donation Shop
Golden Bird now gives Gold item instead of points
Fixed Valkyrie Armor per refine bonus
Fixed Valkyrie Shoes per refine bonus
Fixed Valkyrie Shield per refine bonus
Added Proxy/Tunnel connection for Android users


Increased Server Capacity & Specs
Fixed Wrong Description
Added Weapon Quest at Quest Shop NPC
 • Also added slot enchantment at Seiyablem NPC with 20% chance
Added Headgears at Monster Arena Shop
Increased Broadcast Fee from 50,000 to 100,000
Disabled Teleport in Monster Arena
Disabled Force Choke in Monster Arena
Disabled Force Drain in Monster Arena
Monster count rate on all maps is now back to normal
Reduced Drop Rate of the ff items
 - Witherless Rose
 - Gold Ring
 - Gladius


Mission Board Update:
 Tran it Like Miley
  • Level Req: 90~175
  • Zeny Reward: 5,000,000
 The Daily Lootbucks
  • Level Req: 90~175
  • Zeny Reward: 5,000,000
 The Speed Limit
  • Time Limit: 7 minutes
  • Zeny Reward: 5,000,000


Added @npc refiner
Added @npc gympass
Added restrictions and delays in the channel system
Fixed auto market
Removed Ktullanux Instance
• Set as normal MVP spawn every 2 hours
Removed Thanatos Instance
• Set as normal MVP spawn every 2 hours
prt_sewb4 (GTB) map is now PK on
beach_dun (Tao Gunka) map is now PK on
Added Streamer Box for Official Streamers
Fixed Streamer Giveaway Box for stream viewers
Fixed the weight detection issue in some shops
Added Kafra Card Box(10) on Activity Point Shop
Fixed Vote Points to Ticket exchange
Fixed Elite Boots regeneration every 1 second(0.1 before).
Fixed Sealed Valkyrie Set Combo
Fixed Job Costume NPC


Reduced Drop Rate from 1,000x to 250x
Reduced Max Attack Speed from 195 to 194
Auto Attack Daily Limit: 180 minutes
Fixed Automated Event Rewards
Warper NPC - Removed higher level of fields/dungeons
 • Added Toklen Quest Warps
Implemented Quest Shop ( @quest )
Implemented Classic Headgear Quest ( @quest )
Implemented Daily Quest
Implemented Daily Mission Quest ( Mission Board )
Added Arrow Quiver in Tool Dealer ( @go mall )
Adjusted some normal and rare MVP stats
Patched New Maps for Automated Events, PvP, etc.
Auto Attack System Update
 • Added simple indicator
 • Added @aatime to check your remaining autoattack time
Updated Commands:
 • @inn, @quest, @npc, @gonpc, @commands etc.

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