🗼Endless Tower

The Endless Tower is an increasingly difficult set of challenges. Participating parties make their way up the 100 floor tower, with a special boss encounter against Entweihen Knothen on the 100th floor, and Naght Sieger afterwards. These battles function similar to the Izlude Arena, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards; thus the only ways to leave the tower are to die and respawn, use a Butterfly Wing, or walk into a Warp Portal.

  1. In Alberta, talk to Captain Janssen (alberta 214, 77) and donate 10,000 Zeny.

  2. Listen to him and agree to be his first mate so he will bring you to the Endless Tower Island.

  3. After reaching the island, your party leader must speak with the Tower Protection Stone. They then must generate the Endless Tower Dungeon instance.

  4. After an instance is created, the party will have five minutes to enter and up to four hours to finish the dungeon.

If in 4 hours they do not finish, all players in the dungeon will be warped out and sent back to their save points.

2 hours Instance Cooldown starts individually for each party member that enters.

Disabled SkillsNotable Information

Endless Tower Rare MVPs listed below drops a card with a 0.35% drop rate: Golden Thief Bug Fallen Bishop Entweihen Crothen Naght Sieger

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