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Relive the RO experience in a world where adventure awaits! Here's what you need to know about our server:

General Information:

  • Pre Renewal - Episode 13.2

  • Max Level: 185/100

    • Conquer challenges that constantly evolve as the max level ascends by 10 every 3 months.

  • Max Stats: 185 - Increases by 10 every 3 months.

  • Max ASPD: 194

  • Instant Cast (DEX): 150

  • Max Party Capacity: 12

  • Max Guild Capacity: 76

    • Max WOE/KOE Capacity: 27

  • Max Character Slots: 15

Server Rates:

  • Exp Rates: 150x

  • Drop Rates: 250x

  • Normal Card Drop Rate: 5%

  • MVP Card Drop Rate: 1%

    • Endless Tower MVP: 0.35%

    • Bloody Branch MVP: 0.25%

  • Rare MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.5%

Party Modification:

  • Max Party Members: 20

  • Party Share Leve Gap: 15

  • Party Even Share Bonus: 15%

    • An even-share party of 5 people will receive +60% EXP (4 members * 15% EXP).

    • 160% party EXP in total, so each member receives 160%/5 = 32% EXP (instead of 20%).

Client Information:

  • Max Client: Unlimited

  • Mobile Client: Android

  • Game Guard: Gepard Shield 3.0, ADelays System

  • Server Host: Tokyo Japan - Good for US and SEA players

  • DDoS Protected Dedicated Server

Server Features:

  • Progressive Max Level: One of our unique features is an expanding level cap which starts at a maximum base/job level of 175/100, increasing by 10 every 3 months to provide a continuously evolving and challenging gaming experience for our dedicated players.

  • Pre-Renewal Setting: Immerse yourself in the classic pre-renewal Ragnarok Online experience, reliving the nostalgia of Rune Midgard as it was in its golden age.

  • War of Emperium (WoE): Engage in epic guild battles every week during our scheduled War of Emperium events. Assemble your guild, conquer castles, and dominate the battlefield.

  • Custom Events: Experience unique and exciting events designed to challenge and reward our players. From seasonal celebrations to custom quests, there's always something special happening in Oldschool RO.

  • Balanced Economy: Our server is carefully balanced to provide a fair and enjoyable economy. Participate in trading, vending, and crafting to build your wealth.

  • Active GMs: Our dedicated Game Masters are actively involved in the community. Reach out to them for assistance, report issues, or simply join in the fun during GM-hosted events.

Additional Information:

  • Server Location: Tokyo, Japan

  • Anti-Cheat & Security: Our server is equipped with robust anti-cheat measures to ensure fair gameplay. Your security is our priority.

  • Languages: English is the primary language in global channels, fostering clear communication among players.

  • Discord Community: Join our Discord server to connect with fellow players, get updates, and engage with the community.

How to Join:

  1. Follow our guides and tips to navigate your early steps.

  2. Most importantly, have fun!

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Stay Updated:

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the latest news, events, and updates. We look forward to seeing you in-game and hope you have a fantastic journey in Oldschool RO!

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