👺World Boss System

Upon reaching the required number of monster kills, an announcement will be made, and the World Boss will appear on a randomly selected map. Once you enter the map, the World Boss HP Bar will appear (can be toggled Off/On via the World Boss Board NPC). You'll need to locate the World Boss to defeat it.

After defeating the World Boss, it will drop a 'Treasure Chest' (displayed like an NPC). Simply click on it to claim your reward.

Available World Boss MVPs:

Naght Sieger

Fallen Bishop Hibram

Entweihen Crothen

Gloom Undernight

Lighthalzen MVPs(6)

Note: You must inflict a specific amount of damage to the World Boss to be eligible to claim the 'Treasure Chest'. This measure was implemented to prevent players from exploiting the World Boss System.

Certainly, the player who deals the highest damage will be designated as the 'MVP' and will receive the highest reward. Therefore, keep an eye on the 'Kill Count' and ensure your participation in defeating the World Boss!

Event Rewards:

Special Rewards:

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