💰Gold Room

The Gold Room is a great place for players especially newbies to farm for Gold and then exchange that for Zeny.

Once your character reaches Level 150, you can start farming in Gold Room. You have 3 free entries for your account, after that, you have to pay 250,000 Zeny each time you enter the Gold Room.

There's IP restriction in Gold Room. You must connect to Main Server to be able to enter.

⏳ You have 300 minutes farm time (Time will run only if character is inside Gold Room) after that there's 720 minutes cooldown (Both farm time and cooldown is account-bound). Type @grtime to check your remaining time.

  • All Consumables

  • All skills, unless otherwise stated

  • All auto-cast skills, unless otherwise stated

Kill Steal Protection is Disabled - so kill stealing is allowed on the map.

@aaon feature does not work in Gold room!

The only way to leave the Gold Room is to die or to talk to the Gold Room guard that you can find in the corners of the map. Your character will stay in Gold Room even when you disconnect or character select.

Monster Info

Golden Sand

Mine Guardian

Killing Mine Guardian grants nothing.

Selling Gold

Anti-Bot System

Gold Room is one of the main source of farming Zeny in this server, so in order to prevent abuse there's some anti-bot features added to the Gold Room.

Gold Ores an anti-bot item


Be careful of the fake sand that have a bubble with dots when you hover over it. If you press it, it triggers a captcha. Just select the correct number.

Captcha wont make you immune to Mine Guardians, they would still be able to hit you while you answering this captcha, so be quick.

Manual Bot check by a GM

Any time of day someone from the staff team can do a manual BOT check. You will receive a private message and given time to answer to it. If you don't reply you will be punished.

Gold Room Clean Up

At times you will receive a message from Gold Guardian that he is cleaning up Gold Room. You will be warped back to town and have to enter the Gold Room again.

Stalker Build

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