👹MVP Room

Use MVP Room to farm MVP cards and MVP loot faster. To access, talk to the MVP manager (@npc 21). Inside, you will see four type of arenas: Alpha, Beta, Theta & Epsilon.

Each arena has 8 rooms that you can enter, the higher the room number, the more monsters will be inside. Scroll down to read what monsters are inside each room. Once you enter, you will see MVP Protector NPC, she allows you to go to next level room/heal or to exit the map.

Be aware that MVP Rooms are PVP ON zone & @aaon does not work here.

If you are able to kill all the monsters in any of the rooms, sign up for the specific room mission on the mission board.

MVP room load list -

  • Copy this in game: @alootid2 save 1 968 658 1008 999 607 1030 7020 1036 7018 1015 604 751 7109 985 984 7205 7108 1009 603 616 617 1059 1230 7114 7113

  • Type @alootid2 load 1 - to make it work

  • This now will be saved on your account. Everytime you type @alootid2 load 1 it will load this loot list

❗️ Don't forget to type @autoloot 1 - for the MVP Cards, those are not added to the loot list ❗️

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