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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you're a seasoned Ragnarok Online veteran or a curious newcomer, we understand you might have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our server.

Why running 2 servers at the same time?
  1. We understand players may wonder why we operate two separate servers simultaneously here. The reason is to provide greater play flexibility between a mid-rate server focused purely on new-meta pre-renewal mechanics with some very well-known custom features to keep things easy to understand for low- to high-rate servers, alongside a highly customized higher rate server for players interested in some QoL enhancements.

  1. We have observed various kinds of Ragnarok players worldwide. From PVE players, PK players, and GVG oriented players. The main goal here is to gather all their interest in playing Ragnarok and bring them together on a unique server where they can experience both excitement and nostalgia:

  • Party Leveling with Friends

  • Solo and Party Grinding

    • Quest

    • Instances

    • Custom PVE Contents

  • PK, Boss Hunting, Wars and GVG

  1. Given that our reliable high-rate server has been operating for over two years, the majority of players (especially from PH) who are aware of our team are in search of a new server due to their lack of trust in other servers that cease operations after just two months.

What type of server is Oldschool RO - MR?

Not a typical 99/70 trans mid-rate server. It's a different mid-rate private server focusing on a new-meta of Ragnarok experience with some known custom content to keep things easy to understand for low- to high-rate servers.

This is a 175/100 150x/150x mid-rate server with custom classes.

Can you guys handle both servers on a long-term basis?

Absolutely. With a solid team, proper planning, and a clear understanding of server management, We are confident in our ability to handle two Ragnarok private servers for the long term. We are prepared to address challenges, implement updates, and ensure a thriving community on both servers.

Additionally, our name is well-known by most high-level players. They know that we took care of three different types of servers at the same time.

  • Zeta RO [2009 ~ 2014]

  • Oldschool RO [2009 ~ 2014]

  • Dota RO [2011 ~ 2014]

"Managing two Ragnarok private servers is a significant undertaking, but I am up for the challenge. I understand the importance of consistent updates, community engagement, and addressing issues promptly. While challenges may arise, I am dedicated to the long-term success of both servers." —Jaburak

Why Choose a Long-Term Private Server?

We understand the desire for reassurance of stability and longevity when investing time into an RO server. Players have often been burned in the past by spectacular launch failures, abrupt shutdowns or pay-to-win transitions.

As such, we want to transparency around the diligent foundations laid for sustainable long term operations here. Some key pillars:

  • Lean & dedicated staff: Small, passionate core team balancing real-life obligations rather than a bloated unstable roster. Developed strong bonds over years of collaboration.

  • Ongoing development: Steady content roadmap already planned out for next 2+ years. Plus continuously expanding beyond. Not reliant on any single hype update.

  • A constant home: No more hopping from server to server, chasing the next temporary thrill. This is your permanent base, where you can forge lasting friendships, build guilds that stand the test of time, and truly master the intricacies of the game.

  • Master the craft: Take your time to truly delve into the depths of Ragnarok Online. Hone your skills, experiment with builds, and conquer even the most challenging content without the pressure of fleeting server closures.

In summary, choosing a long-term server is often about seeking stability, lasting connections, and an immersive gaming experience that evolves over time. Players who appreciate a sense of continuity, character progression, and a vibrant, established community are likely to find a fulfilling and enriching gaming environment on a server with a long-term commitment.

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